Breaking Benjamin, the Pennsylvania based alternative metal band, are no longer together. The band is facing some internal legal issues.

The band broke up because of a lawsuit filed by the front-man, Benjamin Burnley against his band mates, guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski . He alleges in the lawsuit that the two remixed the group’s song “Blow Me Away” without his consent.

Court documents state that Klepaski and Fincke made a deal for the remix with the band’s label, Hollywood Records, without Burnley’s consent, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Benjamin Burnley fired his two bandmates via e-mail in May and subsequently slapped a lawsuit on them in June. Burnley is seeking $250,000 and the exclusive rights to the band’s name.

 According to him, a partnership agreement signed in 2009 by the bandmates gives him exclusive rights to the band name.

However, Klepaski and Fincke are ready to fight back. They claim that the agreement they made in 2009 which gave Burnley permission to dismiss them for "cause" had been invalid since the band took a hiatus in June 2010 due to his illness, said a report in

Rumors about the band breaking up have been floating around for quite some time. The band has been unable to perform due to the unspecified health issues of their front-man Burnley and has been on a hiatus since mid 2010.

The band is ready to release their Greatest Hits album to be called Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin. It is slated for release on August 16.

Breaking Benjamin have released four albums since they came together in 1998. Their last two albums, Phobia and Dear Agony have done well on the charts. Phobia was certified platinum by RIAA and sold more than one million units in the U.S. Dear Agony went Gold.

Coming on the heels of Kings of Leon’s health issues and rumors of problems, this split comes as bad news for music lovers.