After the MPAA threatened to slap Breaking Dawn: Part 1 with an R-rating if director Bill Condon didn't cut some of the thrusting from the second-to-last Twilight movie, the crew quickly recut the scene, producing the PG-13 version global audiences saw at the premiere.

This is a story every Twilight fan should know. But many girls (and some boys) are wondering about the Breaking Dawn however, is how much of that original steamy love scene will end up on DVD.

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has some insights on the Breaking Dawn scene, and has high hopes that a more liberal cut of the original version will make it to viewers' homes.

Let's Call It Thrusting...

Bill [Condon], he went for it, Rosenberg said, and as for herself, I wanted to keep the footage.

Kristen Stewart similarly expressed enthusiasm, and even some giddy bafflement, about the original cut. It was so weird, it didn't even feel like we were doing a 'Twilight' film, she told Glamour UK back in December 2010. I was like, 'Bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?

The first version of Bella and Edward's honeymoon in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 however, was destined never to make it to world theaters. The MPAA was scandalized by the sex scene, and threatened to slap an R-rating on the Twilight movie if Condon didn't change it.

It's almost clinical, the kind of strict guidiline [the MPAA] have about anything that appears to be -- how do I put it delicately? Condon said of the scene between Stewart and Pattinson. That appears to be, let's calling it thrusting.

Nonetheless, Condon complied with the MPAA. It [the honeymoon scene] was so much more about romance than it was about hot-and-heavy action, so it was a very kind of simple adjustment to make.

There Was Too Much Butt.

In a recent interview with MTV News however, Rosenberg says she has her fingers crossed that some of the sex scene will make it into the DVD version of Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

There's some [of the original footage] on the cutting room floor that I suspect will end up in the DVD, she said with a roguish smile. Certainly, there's some of the honeymoon stuff that will end up [on the DVD version].

In past interviews, Pattinson, who plays broody vampire Edward Cullen, said that one thing Twilight fans didn't get to see on the big screen--and which may show up in the DVD--are some fetching shots of the actor's derriere.

There was too much butt crack, I think, Pattinson said on a segment for The Ellen Degeneres Show on Nov. 18. He claimed his butt was blurred, and certain angles of it cut from the original scene.

When DeGeneres asked why the scene was blurred, Pattinson joked: You're allowed to show cheek. You can't show crack.

Both Pattinson and Stewart, who plays love-struck Bella Swan in the Twilight series, have also given some teasers about the feel of the honeymoon scene.

Calling it potent and powerful, Stewart said the couple did not hold back during the bed frame-rocking scene, including the physical breaking of the bed that occurs in the book. Robert Pattinson meanwhile, recalled that the original hot and heavy scene was really intense and that the angles were revealing enough that both he and Kristen Stewart worked out extensively before shooting.

More Deleted Scenes to Come

The steamy sex scene wasn't the only section of the second-to-last Twilight film that didn't make the final version. Rosenberg described a sequence just before Bella and Edward's wedding with the Cullen family, which was cut for pacing reasons.

There was a whole section before the wedding with Charlie, Renee and Carlisle and Edward, kind of a back-and-forth, but it just slowed everything down, the screenwriter said. There are some nice things in there... but again, these are things that will show up someday.

There's still no definite word from Twilight producers Summit Pictures or from director Bill Condon about just how much of the original sex scene will be added back into the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 DVD. Certainly, it may end up changing the rating on the wide-release vampire film, if the teen-friendly fare of the theaters is replaced by a more intense honeymoon sequence.

One scene however, will definitely not be part of the Breaking Dawn movie in any version, something Robert Pattinson couldn't be more (fake) upset about: Edward's reaction to his bedroom-wrecking love scene with Bella.

I wanted to have it as a line so much: 'I bit through all the pillows. Every. Single. One,' he said. And then [Edward would] start crying.

By the way, that's what he should be ashamed of in the morning, the actor joked. All those beautiful pillows! Egyptian cotton! ... 'I ruined this bed!'

Director Bill Condon meanwhile, stands by his original shooting, even if it doesn't end up in the Breaking Dawn DVD.

We shot everything -- whether it's the lovemaking or the childbirth -- as potent and powerful as it can be, he told Entertainment Weekly earlier in the year. It will be interesting to see whether there will be people who think it too disturbing for this universe.