The much anticipated brand new Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 trailer has finally been released, topping YouTube hits and attracting a stream of commentary from fans ahead of the film's release in November.

The two minute ,30 second first full trailer, has been put together masterfully, teasing its audience with glimpses of Bella and Edward's wedding day followed by a sudden shot of a baby bump that leads to a pregnancy that becomes highly dangerous .

Bella is told that the fetus is not compatible with her body, that it is too strong and that her heart will give up before she can deliver. It's crushing you from inside out. Edward tells his new wife before plotting how he will protect her from external forces. The key note question through being: Will his wife survive?

Fantastic. Definitely my favorite [trailer] of any of the movies, owner of Laura Byrne-Cristiano told MTV news. I think [director] Bill Condon absolutely nailed it. He got everything: action, romance and an amazing collection of individual shots. There's got to be close to 100 individual shots in that trailer, and it's just absolutely stunning.

Meanwhile, the official soundtrack to the film is due to be released on Nov.8 ahead of the film released on Nov.18. Tickets from the film go on sale on Oct.1.

How Fans Reacted on YouTube:

leannedrivas: creeeeeeeeeepy! God i can't breathe. They release trailers waaaaay too far before the? movies.

RealityDreamStar:*gasp* can't breathe...looks? great... Will I live until november? Wow.

ga7992: the best trailer so far. can't? wait till Nov. *screaming*