Fans of Japanese roleplaying games (RPG or JRPG) will be happy to know that Capcom has officially announced “Breath of Fire 6,” the newest installment in the series since “Breath of Fire 5” on the PS2. The game was originally slated for a fall 2015 release, but has since been delayed to sometime in 2016.

Unlike “Breath of Fire 5,” which utilized 3D graphics, “Breath of Fire 6” will return to the series roots and have 2D graphics. While some might think that this is a step down for the series, the character models seen in the video below look impressive, and it even features voice acting.

What’s interesting about the latest entry in the series is that it will only be coming to PC and mobile devices, according to Destructoid. Baring any ports or remasters, this is the first game in the series to ever come to mobile devices and given the recent popularity of mobile gaming, it might not be the last.

From what can be seen in the trailer below, it looks a lot like a classic JRPG, with turn-based battles and 2D sprites. The trailer is in Japanese, but doesn’t really go into detail about the story or the gameplay, so fans are going to have to wait till next year for more details.

An article from Techno Buffalo stated that the game doesn’t appear to be coming to the West anytime soon and is only slated for a Japanese release. While the series has its fair share of fans, its popularity in the U.S. pales in comparison to “Final Fantasy” or “Tales of.”

That being said, fan support has been a major factor into bringing these games to other countries. Games like “Yakuza 5” and “Pokken Tournament” prove just how valuable word of mouth is, so “Breath of Fire 6” could eventually get an English port.

Until it’s official, however, it looks like “Breath of Fire 6” will only be going to Japan for the time being. The JRPG will be coming to Japan on February on PC and Android, while the iOS version comes out sometime in March.

(Credit: YouTube/cogmovie)