Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis is going to share the wisdom.

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Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis is coming out with a book on how to navigate the industry.

Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Graphic Novels will be published by Random House and is scheduled for release in 2013, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Bendis, who has scribbled for big-name comics such as Daredevil, Alias, The New Avengers, and Ultimate Spider-Man, will give advice about protecting one's work in the market, among other things.

We read in the paper every week someone did something wrong, someone didn't sign something, someone didn't protect themselves, Bendis told THR. Every minute there are more and more platforms in which you can succeed and get ripped off. You need to protect yourself.

Sounds like a good plan! What questions do you have about making it in the comic book business?