Ever since the rumor of Louis Tomlinson becoming a father came out, the media and One Direction fans have gone crazy. This has forced the reportedly pregnant Briana Jungwirth, who is said to be a very private person, to leave her home.

Jungwirth, Tomlinson's stylist and allegedly the mother-to-be of his baby, has left her Los Angeles home, People magazine is reporting. Jungwirth was staying with her family in a modest home in Calabasas -- the same neighborhood of Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. But she was forced to leave her home because of the media frenzy surrounding her and her unborn baby.

“Briana is staying away from home for the moment. She's a private girl, she doesn't even have any social media," a source told People. "Everyone's hoping she can have a smooth pregnancy in peace. That's the most important thing for everyone right now." The website also added that Tomlinson is looking at buying a home in Los Angeles, so Jungwirth might return to her city soon.

Multiple sources confirmed the report of Jungwirth's pregnancy to ET Online and BuzzFeed. "I emailed her mother and asked if Briana got pregnant from Louis Tomlinson and if she was going to be a grandmother, and she said yes," Danny Fitzgerald, Jungwirth's stepfather of a decade, confirmed to BuzzFeed. Neither Tomlinson nor Jungwirth has confirmed the reports.

Tomlinson's mother Johannah Deakin and stepfather Dan Deakin are reportedly close to Jungwirth and went out for a lunch with her on July 4 weekend, writes the magazine, adding that “both families are extremely excited about the new addition.” The baby is reportedly expected “early next year” and the families have also listened to the baby's heartbeat at an ultrasound appointment, added the website.

Tomlinson's mother is a midwife and is bonding well with Jungwirth and helping her with pregnancy advice. Johannah also is an experienced mother who gave birth to twins, Ernest and Doris, only 17 months ago and has five other children, including Tomlinson.