Alex and Rafiq will get to meet an agent of People’s Republic of China in “The Brink” episode 7. Israel is about to launch an attack on Pakistan, and Walter is desperately searching for Gen. Haroon Raja. Meanwhile, the captured pilot Zeke will have to fight a militant to the death.

[Spoiler alert]

Walter Larson (Tim Robbins) has been ordered to come back to the U.S by the president and is no longer officially involved in dealing with the crises. But a preview video of the next episode shows that he has a new plan to help salvage the situation.

After finding out the location of Pakistani Gen. Raja (Bernard White) in the previous episode, Walter now plans to send his point man on the ground Alex Talbot (Jack Black) to meet with a Chinese agent. Alex manages to meet with the agent under the influence of drugs.

Alex is able to find Haroon Raja later and he explains to him that thousands of lives are at stake and they depend on his return. The Pakistani general had previously taken money from the U.S by promising them to depose the military dictator of his country; but he ran away with the money soon after.

 A video clip from “The Brink” episode 7 shows Alex being able to impress Fareeda (Melanie Kannokada) with his work. Rafiq (Aasif Mandvi) is unfazed by watching his sister shower Alex with her affection. The character has often been seen getting angry whenever his sister gets close to Alex.

The three of them have been trying to keep seven school children safe in the middle of all the violence and turmoil in Pakistan. The girls are currently at the U.S. Embassy, where Ambassador Robert Kittredge (John Larroquette) is not letting them go and is waiting for the end of the world.

The pilot Zeke (Pablo Schreiber), on the other hand, will have to fight the son of a militant leader in “The Brink” episode 7. The two pilots had run into the militant leader’s son again in the previous episode after having beaten him and his friend on a previous occasion. Zeke is seen getting beaten up by the militant, after being advised to let him win.