Brinx Resources, an expanding exploration and production company focused on developing North American and international oil and natural gas reserves, recently announced the successful completion of its fourth well at the 09-3 Oklahoma Project, including the drilling, logging and casing.

The fourth 09-3 well was drilled to a total depth of 5,685 feet and intercepted two hydrocarbon pay zones, located within the Pennsylvania Sands, totaling approximately 34 feet. Each of the four 2009-3 Oklahoma Project wells are at various stages of completion in order to prepare for production.

Leroy Halterman, president of Brinx Resources, stated, “This is an outstanding way to close out the drilling of the 09-3 Oklahoma Project.” Mr. Halterman contined, “It’s obviously great news for Brinx and its partners to have been successful at all four wells of the program. In addition, the last well, after production testing, may lead to additional offset locations.”