The debt crisis and the wide budget dilemma continue to be of the core essence for markets today and the agony of Europe.

Public Finances figures from the United Kingdom came to reflect the dismay ahead of new chancellor Osborne and before his expected emergency budget on June 22. Government borrowing continued into April though was below the previous month's borrowing. The Public Sector Net Borrowing (PSNB) increased by 10.0 billion in April which is still very high though much better than the previous 23.5 B which was revised to the downside to 18.0 B and was slightly better than median estimates for borrowing to total 10.9 Billion.

As for the PSNCR - Public Sector Net Cash Requirements- it also increased 8.8 billion above the expected 7.0 billion rise, yet was down from the previous month's 25.6 billion revised slightly lower from the initially reported 25.8 billion.