Interest rate speculation was back on the menu Monday with Bank of England member Andrew Sentance offering up commentary that looked to be the exact opposite of what fellow central banker Adam Posen offered up just a short time ago. Sentance said that the BoE’s credibility was as stake if they refused to tackle inflation. He went on to say that elevated price growth was not merely a “one-off” concern and that CPI could very well rise at least to a 4 percent clip through the year as global pressures increase and the economy stabilizes. That said, we may have to wait until the BoE minutes are release on Wednesday to see how the balance of power is really playing out. In the meantime, the headline release for Tuesday should keep traders more than entertained. The advanced reading of 4Q GDP is notable as a benchmark for growth for the advanced economy block; but it means more to the UK. Will the economy hold steady in the face of austerity or will cracks show early in the process?