British non seasonally adjusted PPI Input declined by 0.6% in May, opposing the previous positive 0.6% figure that was revised to 0.5%, while expectations were even more pessimistic at -1.0%. On the year the indicator fell to 11.2% from the previous reading of 13.1% though it managed to stay above 10.7% projections.

Non seasonally adjust PPI Output slowed its growth to 0.3%, falling below 0.5% projections, while the previous figure was revised to 1.6% from 1.4%. On the year the figure equaled the previous unrevised 5.7% that was changed to 5.9%, though expectations were more positive at 5.8%.

The Core indicator in the meanwhile fell to 0.1% from the previous 1.1% revised to 1.2%, and the anticipated figure was 0.4%. On the year the figure was 4.4%, though projections were more optimistic at 4.7%, while the previous figure was revised from 4.4% to 4.5%.