British non-seasonally adjusted PPI in March had risen to 3.6%, above the previous 0.1% that was revised to 0.6% and the expected 1.2%. While the annualized figure climbed to 10.1% from the previous reading of 6.9% revised to 7.5%, while projections pointed to 7.1%.

The non-seasonally adjusted PPI Output alsosurged recording 0.9%, soaring past 0.4% expectations and the previous 0.3%. Year-on-year,the indicator was 5.0%, as it strolled upward from the prior revised 4.2% while forecasts were 4.4%.

As forPPI OutputCore reading, it advanced to 0.7% in March from 0.3% expectations and previous reading that was revised to 0.4%, whereas the annualized figure recorded 3.6% to be the anticipated 3.1% and hover above the previous reading of 2.9% revised to 3.0%.