Britney Spears gets steamy with her real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick, in the new racy and controversial Criminal video.

In the video, Spears escapes her abusive British boyfriend and runs away with her real-life boyfriend, Trawick. The two become partners in crime, unsurprising given the song's name Criminal.

When [Spears] first hit me up, she had a basic story in mind, and she actually always originally planned to have Jason, her boyfriend, play the role, and I wasn't super stoked on that idea at first, actually, director Chris Marrs Piliero told MTV News.

At the end of the day, Jason killed it, Piliero continued. That was one of those things I was really stoked [about], as much as I went into it like, 'Wow, he's not an actor. This is going to be interesting,' but I really do like a challenge, and I really do like the idea that I'm a director and my job is to direct and get the performance. For me, it was a fun challenge to be like, 'I'm gonna make sure that you are awesome,' and he was.

The video includes controversial scenes of Spears fleeing a robbery with a gun in London, kicking her ex-boyfriend in the crotch, rolling in the sheets with her tattooed criminal (and real-life) boyfriend, and a steamy shower sex scene.

Spears tweeted last week that the video is so hot.

The video has lead to some backlash from the British press, however, claiming that the video is insensitive to the riots in England in August.

I think she should apologize and make a sizeable donation to a Hackney charity that deals with young people, in compensation for the rudeness and damage that she's done to our community, Hackney Borough Councilor Ian Rathbone told London Tonight,

However, MTV News reports that Spears' reps have no plans to apologize, saying instead, The video is a fantasy story featuring Britney's boyfriend, Jason Trawick, which literally plays out the lyrics of a song written three years before the riots ever happened.

Watch Britney Spears' Criminal Video and Judge For Yourself: