Weeks after launching the audio of her new song 'Hold it against me', Britney Spears has managed to sustain the popularity with super-short teaser videos on YouTube.

The pop star has so far released eleven under-15-second teasers for her new video 'Hold It Against Me' on the video sharing site. According to a YouTube Trends report, the clips have caused a notable spike in the views on BritneySpears Channel.

The first clip (which was just five seconds long) drew over 2.4 million views, and the 11 that she released have been viewed in the neighborhood of 10 million times total, said Youtube.

Spears, who joins a long list of celebrities making use of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for all possible PR purposes, has not only managed to keep up the buzz around her new track but has also managed to revive her own career.

Starting in mid-January when the audio was released, searches for britney spears jumped to a level that's higher than they've been at any point in the past 12 months, the YouTube Trends post said.

The amount of internet buzz that Spears has managed to garner with her teasers is impressive considering that the teasers have no music and hold very little scope of being put together.

The Teaser #11, posted on Monday, emerged among Tuesday's Most Shared videos.

The audio clip of Hold It Against Me posted on YouTube back in January has so far gotten 5 million views. Spears also maintained a spot on Twitter's Trending Topics through last week.