On her 18th birthday, Brittani Niccole did not get a diamond bracelet from her father or even a new car. She got breast implants.

Brittani Niccole, whose father Michael Niccole is a plastic surgeon, performed his own daughter's breast enhancement procedure for her 18th birthday.

I didn't have large breasts when I was younger, and all my friends did, said Brittani Niccole, who is now 23-years-old. I felt very self-conscious about it.

In a previous interview with The Orange County Register, she said that getting her breasts done was one of the best days of my life so far. She said that it never crossed [her] mind to go to a doctor other than her father.

Brittani Niccole is now working as a model in Vegas.

Her father praises her for her looking sexy and even invites Brittani's friends in for treatments.

The California-based surgeon and his family will be featured on a new episode of 20/20 set to air Friday night at 10 p.m. EST entitled The Cutting Edge. It will be an episode about plastic surgery trends spanning generations, from teenaged Brittani to an 83-year-old.

Dr. Niccole said that performing breast augmentation on his teenage daughter was really no big deal. I've done surgery on my other sons, my wife, my cousins, my father, and I feel very comfortable.

He also gave Brittani a nose job when she was 21-years-old and regularly injects his other daughter Charm, 23, with Botox in her armpits (so I stop sweating, she said).

Brittani Niccole and her sister Charm are both adopted. I have no qualms, said Dr. Niccole. I feel very comfortable in surgery, and I always have with relatives.

Cosmetic medicine expert Marie Czenko If a young woman wanted breast augmentation and she was 18 or 19-years-old and had not begun to develop yet, I would say, don't do something permanent to your body at the young of an age, she said.

The father factor adds yet another dimension to the issue.