It has been almost five years since the death of Brittany Murphy, but her memory lives on. Following Lifetime’s “The Brittany Murphy Story” premiere on Sept. 6, an interest in the former starlet has become hot again.

The movie has sparked a debate amongst fans; some are simply happy to see the 32-year-old’s life revisited, while others believe that the network did nothing but tarnish her image. Mixed feelings aside, everyone on social media seems to agree that Murphy was a talented actress who should be remembered through her movies. Celebrate the life of the actress by checking out her films that are available for streaming online for free:


“Clueless” -- Brittany Murphy starred in “Clueless,” one of the most beloved comedy’s of the ‘90s. Released in 1995, Murphy played Tai, a teen from New Jersey who gets taken under the wings of popular rich high school students in Beverly Hills.

“The Prophecy II” -- Brittany Murphy starred alongside Christopher Walken and Jennifer Beals in the 1998 thriller, “The Prophecy II.”

“Riding In Cars With Boys” -- The starlet had a role in the 2001 Drew Barrymore lead film about a single mother trying to raise her son while following her dreams.

“Uptown Girls” -- The actress starred alongside a young Dakota Fanning in this 2003 movie about a childish nanny and an 8-year-old who acts like an adult.

“Little Black Book” -- Murphy starred in this 2004 romantic comedy as Stacy, a woman who questions her boyfriend’s commitment to her after she discovers his exes are still listed in his phone.

“Neverwas” -- Brittany Murphy played Maggie Paige in this 2005 flick about a psychiatrist (Aaron Exkhart) who takes a job at a mental institution to learn more about his father and the renowned children’s book his dad wrote after staying there.


“Falling Sky” -- In 1999, the actress played Emily, a young girl in Las Vegas who “must deal with her alcoholic mother,” played by Karen Allen.

“Spun” -- In 2002, Brittany Murphy starred alongside Jason Schwartzman, Mickey Rourke and John Leguizamo in a movie about an “out-of-control speed freak.”

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“Clueless” (1995)

“Uptown Girls” (2003)

Those who want to watch a new Brittany Murphy movie are in luck. Her final film, “Something Wicked,” hits theaters on Sept. 12 in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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