Broadcast International Inc., a leading technology provider in the growing field of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV), announced today that it has partnered with Anevia, a diverse global video services company, to offer seamless video services to the IPTV market. The agreement is based upon the integration of Broadcast’s patented multi-codec video compression technology with Anevia’s advanced streaming capabilities, to deliver high quality IPTV video in even reduced bandwidth environments.

Broadcast International has developed a patented software framework called CodecSys™ that cuts video bandwidth requirements over satellite, cable, IP, and wireless networks. Anevia, known for video streaming solutions, provides open standards based software that optimizes the flow and streaming of high-quality video, including its 3Screens platform that manages conversion and delivery of video to multiple devices for IPTV, mobile, and broadcast services. The two companies have partnered to ensure seamless interoperability between Broadcast’s CodecSys and Anevia’s product lines through a series of open and manageable API’s. This interoperability allows high quality video over any network, even at low bandwidth.

Broadcast CEO, Rod Tiede, spoke of the partnership. “We are extremely optimistic at the prospects of our alliance with Anevia. It has a solid foundation, built on the seamless integration of our products and the aim of providing superior video content to subscribers. We share a unique perspective on managing and optimizing video and doing it with streamlined software as opposed to outdated hardware appliances. Anevia leads the way in managing both live and video-on-demand applications and we can bring added-value to their solutions with our high-quality encoding and transcoding applications.”

Anevia’s Southern and Northern Europe Area Director, Bernard Van Hoorn, added, “Anevia is delighted that the partnership with Broadcast International will enable us to propose the highest quality video content at very low bandwidth rates. Our customers have come to expect the best from our solutions. Interoperability of our technologies with CodecSys™ shows them that we continue to seek excellence and innovation in video service delivery. Many of our customers have been searching for just such an offering.”

The announcement also emphasized the fact that Broadcast International is a leading supplier in the Americas, while Anevia has a strong presence across the IPTV market in Europe, the Middle East, and in Africa. As a result, the partnership allows both companies to deliver improved video services to a wider audience.