Broadcast International, 25-year industry-leading veteran developer of video-powered integrated delivery solutions, as well as managed services and installations, announced the signing of a customer license agreement with Swedish design house Zenterio AB.

Zenterio is a 2002 spin-off from Nokia’s Home Communications division, focused on delivering a suite of high-end digital media solutions backed up by the logistical capacity to carry out and execute implementation/maintenance via the ability of its team of professionals and a strong network of strategic partnerships.

Zenterio will now offer transcoding & encoding powered by BCST, and has made the move after experiencing smashing initial success from the CodecSys™ license for mobile applications, which has produced the momentum needed for Zenterio to expand into IPTV and Video-on-Demand (VoD) applications.

The agreement calls for Zenterio to license several channels from BCST’s innovative CodecSys™ software platform, which offers unprecedented multi-codec real-time switching capabilities to bring record-breaking compression and quality to video, reducing bandwidth requirements over various distribution systems and potentially ushering in a new age of robust distributed video/applications.

An example of the kind of technological leaps which are now possible is perfectly demonstrated by Zenterio’s own ZiDS video content management platform, which allows users to sidestep the otherwise problematic conflicts between multiple proprietary hardware platforms via a single, intuitive software interface.

When expanding beyond the mobile sector into core network services, Zenterio was able to capture a bevy of providers throughout Europe in markets like the UK, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and others, largely because the licensing of BCST’s CodecSys™ enables optimized video delivery system-wide from beginning to end.

This remarkable capability allows for cinema-quality video at the minimum possible bandwidth, making the CodecSys™-powered Zenterio a challenging opponent within the European market.

CEO of BCST, Rod Tiede, expressed his excitement over Zenterio’s move to license more channels of the CodecSys™ software framework in order to optimize their video content, and characterized their “combined value” during the platform’s roll-out as an engine driving enhanced customer value.

CEO of Zenterio, Kent Lundberg, noted the “substantial bandwidth savings” of the CodecSys™ technology and how well it dovetails with their own mobile solutions while offering seamless software integration, and he extolled the platform’s powerful features, which he said offered a “robust, flexible software platform to manage real-time video content as it flows from ingest to our STB end-points”.