After losing to The Undertaker in the main event of SummerSlam, it’s unknown when Brock Lesnar will return to WWE for his next pay-per-view match. But he’s set to appear at WWE’s Oct. 3 live event at Madison Square Garden, which will air on the WWE Network, and his opponent might make a large portion of the fan base groan.

According to the official website of MSG, Big Show will take on Lesnar next month. All of Lesnar’s matches have become “must-see” events, but his ideal opponent might not be the wrestler that’s been getting “Please Retire” chants for the last year.

Lesnar and Big Show last had a match at the 2014 Royal Rumble, in which the former UFC champion won in just over two minutes. He needed less than three minutes to beat Kofi Kingston at WWE’s “Beast in the East” Network special that aired on July 4.

If Big Show isn’t the right opponent for Lesnar, who is?

Bo Dallas

Since Bo interrupted Lesnar in his last appearance on “Monday Night Raw,” a match between the two seems to make sense. Lesnar’s match with Kofi was basically a squash match, and the fans want to see Lesnar destroy whomever he faces. Bo might be the perfect candidate to visit Supplex City, and his ability on the mic would only add to the match.


Because of his hard-hitting style, Sheamus is one of the best opponents for Lesnar to square off with in the ring. The Money in the Bank winner is known for working “snug,” and Lesnar might be the most realistic wrestler WWE has ever seen. Sheamus might not be high enough on the card to work an entire program with Lesnar, but one match with no build might be the perfect scenario. Sheamus and Lesnar have never had a match before, giving WWE another reason to make it happen.

The Undertaker

It’s not a match that will realistically happen, but it’d be an interesting way to end the Lesnar-Undertaker feud. A lot of fans were unhappy with the finish to their match at SummerSlam, and they aren’t exactly begging for a third match at WrestleMania 32. Pitting The Undertaker against Lesnar would certainly boost viewership for the event, and it would allow the Deadman to face Sting at WrestleMania 32, instead. But the feud will likely be put on hold until 2016 and end in Dallas.

Big E

Since Lesnar beat Kofi in July, a logical next opponent for him would be another member of New Day. Big E is one of the most physically imposing wrestlers on WWE’s roster, so it would make Lesnar’s feats of strength even more impressive. New Day is consistently one of the most entertaining parts of “Raw” each week, and Big E has earned a big singles match on WWE's next Network special.