Reality TV star Brody Jenner has revealed that he wants his stepsister Khloe Kardashian to appear on his new show called “Sex With Brody.” The new program is a call-in talk show based on sex and relationships and is expected to premiere in July on E!

In January, Brody launched a podcast with the same concept. His co-host was relationship therapist Dr. Mike Dow. According to Entertainment Weekly, the podcast was picked up by E! Entertainment Network Television in April and will be relaunched as a TV show called “Sex With Brody.” Dow will stay on and they will be joined by comedian Stevie Ryan.

Ahead of the show’s premiere July 10, Brody told People that among all of his Kardashian and Jenner siblings, he would most love to have Khloe on the show. He says that Khloe is very busy and it would be hard to get her on the show but it would be great if she could do it. 

Khloe is no rookie when it comes to call-in talk shows. She has had short stints as a radio host and also did a podcast with Scott Disick last summer. Given the chance to guest on the show, she will be discussing sex and relationships with her stepbrother who is described as a “sex connoisseur” in reports related to the show.

The show’s format also allows fans to call in and share their own thoughts and experiences about a given topic. Brody will also be heading out to the streets to talk to ordinary people about their relationships and their bedroom activities.

Brody says the show will be “funny” and “wild.” He also says that he gives out advice that may not necessarily be the best. However, he’s just sharing what he would do and admits that he says some pretty wild things on the show.

The talk show is something new for Brody who is best known for his reality show appearances on shows like “The Hills” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” “Sex With Brody” premieres on July 10 at 10:30 p.m. EDT on E!