If you plan on being a future investor and wish to buy the mutual fund via your brokerage rather than in a stand alone account can you please email me which broker you use, if it is not one of the following:

  1. Etrade
  2. Ameritrade
  3. Scottrade
  4. Fidelity*
  5. Charles Schwab*

Email address can be found in upper right of the page.

*As a reminder, due to the fees involved the fund won't be available in the Fidelity or Schwab fund supermarkets; however if there ever comes a day of massive demand by their clients (i.e. 100s of people calling them to ask why this fund is not included in their network), then they would actually contact me to ask me to be part of their supermarket.   Hopefully that happens in 2012 ;)

I'll have a new pledge update up early next week.