Brooke Burke has coped with her cancer diagnosis by documenting her journey with the disease through her blog at Modern Mom.

In her latest post, the “Dancing with the Stars” co-host told fans how she told her children about her thyroid cancer diagnosis and how each of her four kids reacted differently to the devastating news.

Burke revealed that she had thyroid cancer last month and told fans that she would be having surgery to treat the disease.

In her latest blog post, written Wednesday and titled “We’re All In This Together,” Burke said her thyroid cancer diagnosis has ‘”been a serious eye-opening experience for me.”

“One of the things I've really learned is how much what I'm going through in my life affects the people around me who care about me and love me,” the “Dancing with the Stars” co-host wrote.

And that includes her four children, ranging in age from 12 to 4.

Burke said her 12-year-old daughter was the first to be told about the cancer after she overheard a conversation about the diagnosis.

“She cried, and her biggest fear was if I was going to be ok,” Burke said of her daughter, adding that she asked her to promise that nothing was going to happen to her. Although the “Dancing with the Stars” co-host acknowledged that it’s out of her control, she still made that promise to her daughter for reassurance.

Burke’s 10-year-old daughter, Sierra, was optimistic that she would win her cancer battle.

“She's very factual and scientific and her response was ‘Ok, Mommy so you're going to get the lump removed, so that's a good thing.’ Sierra left it at that and never brought my surgery up again,” Burke wrote on her blog.

Burke’s 5-year-old daughter, Rain, found out about the diagnosis while going through pictures on her phone. She said her daughter got angry that she wasn’t told sooner.

“So when I sat down to discuss it with her, I said that I didn't want to worry her and explained what was happening -- that I had a little lump in my neck and the doctor needed to remove it and that I was going to be fine,” Burke wrote.

“Then she looked me dead in the eyes and said ‘It's called cancer, Mom.’ She's a very deep, old soul; she's like a 40-year-old woman trapped in a beautiful five-year-old body. Her biggest concern was being with me through my experience. Not me leaving her, but being with me. Children process things so differently. Rain said she NEEDED to be with me - she wanted to go to the doctor's appointments and she wanted to go to the hospital and said she needed to hold my hand.”

Burke said her four-year-old son is too young to comprehend what she’s going through with her thyroid cancer diagnosis.

“His response was, ‘Is Daddy going to get it too?’ And of course I explained that wasn't going to happen and Mommy was going to be just fine. He laid in bed last night with [Burke’s husband] David [Charvet,] kinda sad and said, 'I don't want Mommy to die ...' That's the stuff that breaks my heart and scares me. We both held him and told him that I wasn't going to leave him ever. I know that my surgery is not that serious, but kids get scared, hear ‘hospital’ and go to the darkest place. Poor little guy.”

Burke said she’s changed since her diagnosis and was moved by the support from her family and friends.

“I'm not afraid anymore,” she wrote. “I think I've been dealing with it so much the past couple months that now I'm ready to just get it done and put this behind me. My only need is being ok for my husband and my children so they don't have to go through any pain and making this as easy as possible for them.”