A 50-year old Russian immigrant confessed to murdering his Brooklyn roommate in a fistfight during a party, after which he chopped up the body and attempted to dissolve the remains in Clorox bleach. Sergey Mamontov reportedly killed his 55-year-old roommate on March 25 in their Sheepshead Bay apartment and proceeded to stuff the victim's body parts inside his refrigerator.

The victim's death went unnoticed until Tuesday, when police were tipped off by a friend of the victim who reported Mamontov's suspicious behavior. The friend allegedly asked Mamontov's of his roommate's whereabouts, to which the Russian immigrant replied, You're not going to see him anymore. I cut him up.

NYPD barged into Mamontov's apartment Tuesday to discover a fridge filled with a five-gallon bucket of human remains. They also found a number of Clorox bottles, and a pair of Goodwill donation boxes that smelled of decayed flesh, according to the NY Post.

We have body parts. We have a rib cage there, said one source. We don't know how much of the body is there.

Mamontov and the victim had only been roommates for six months before things escalated out of control. When Mamontov came home one night to find his roommate drinking with a couple of friends, he kicked the friends out and engaged in a deadly fistfight with the roommate. The older man did not survive and, in a desperate attempt to destroy the evidence, Mamontov dismembered the victim and soaked the remains in bleach.