Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. – the converged VoIP (Voice over IP), data, video, and Wi-Fi business communications systems provider known for masterful execution of all aspects from analysis to design, sales and implementation, announced today, August 4, through subsidiary Standard Tel Networks, that leading 42-year veteran product and service provider to the RV dealer market, STAG Parkway, contracted the Company to upgrade communications infrastructure at its eleven US branch offices and distribution centers.

Director of IT for STAG Parkway, Ken Russell, explained the amazing deal Standard Tel put together, which has resulted in a “truly integrated enterprise solution” that not only dramatically opened up the lines of communication internally and externally to customers, but also locked-down the 5-year cost while minimizing maintenance overhead.

Russell said that the solution was so well designed that STAG Parkway was “able to acquire our new system with the overall savings we’ll enjoy with this conversion.”

Russell noted the brilliant work by Standard Tel in migrating the entire STAG architecture from an antiquated and disparate variety of communications systems to a networked system of Mitel 3300 platforms to serve the some 200 employees and thousands of customers via centers in: Arlington TX; Atlanta GA; Clearfield UT; Des Moines IO; Elkhart IN; Hanover MD; Leesburg FL; Milwaukee OR; Ontario CA; San Antonio TX; and Worchester MA.

Among the top concerns expressed by STAG were the various non-networked phone systems at each site, the limited applications available for such a multitude of contact centers, and growing time/financial costs of maintaining an antiquated infrastructure.

CEO of Standard Tel, Michael Promotico, cited tightly integrated efforts between the Company and Mitel in helping STAG to achieve total satisfaction with regard to these concerns as culminating in a solution which affords many significant improvements:

• the aforementioned fixed cost over the next five years
• a ’single image’ system
• extension-to-extension dialing across their enterprise (eliminating long distance calling charges between locations)
• a centralized unified messaging platform
• an ability to report on the efficiency and productivity of the handling of calls

Russell reaffirmed the true partnership between Standard Tel and STAG throughout this process, lavishing praise upon the Company for its dedication to STAG’s success and enthusiastically encouraging others to look to Standard Tel when it comes to reorganizing their telecommunications infrastructure and lower their bottom line while improving efficiency.

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