The “Kiss Cam” strikes again. A moment of would-be romance turned awkward this weekend, when a young man and woman featured on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ “Kiss Cam” turned out to be brother and sister.

The embarrassing moment occurred on Saturday during the Dodgers’ 5-3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. During a break in the action, the Dodger Stadium “Kiss Cam” focused on a young man and woman who happened to be sitting together in the stands.

Much to the initial surprise of fans, the man ran out of the camera’s view, fleeing up a flight of stairs in apparent embarrassment. However, an interview with revealed the awkward reason behind the man’s hasty exit.

"This is my sister," the man tells "When I saw us up there on the Kiss Camera I was just like, you know what, it'd be really funny if I just took off running right now."

Ironically, the brother and sister’s Dodger stadium debacle wasn’t the only memorable “Kiss Cam” moment to be recorded over Memorial Day weekend. During Monday’s Los Angeles Kings playoff game, recently retired soccer star David Beckham and his 22-month-old daughter Harper found themselves in the camera's clutches.

Unlike Saturday’s awkwardness, Beckham’s “Kiss Cam” appearance resulted in a heartfelt moment. The 38-year-old planted a kiss on his young daughter’s cheek, drawing cheers from thousands of charmed onlookers and a smile from Harper.