A pair of Kansas brothers were celebrating winning $75,000 from the lottery when they accidentally blew up their house.

The brothers evidently planned on getting high and purchased marijuana and methamphetamine to celebrate the win o Friday night, when they went to refuel butane torches they planned on using to light up their bongs, the Wichita Eagle reported. That’s when vapor from the butane led to the explosion.

“The butane vapor reached the pilot light in the furnace, and as you might expect, ka-boom,” Sgt. Bruce Watts, of the Wichita Police Department, told the newspaper.

Both brothers, who live in Wichita, survived the explosion, it said.

One of the brothers, only identified as a 27-year-old male, was taken to the hospital with second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest. He was listed in serious but stable condition, the report said.

The other brother was arrested when officers responded to the incident. He allegedly admitted to police that he had marijuana and meth on him, the Wichita Eagle reported.

The injured brother’s girlfriend took him to the Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis emergency room and left, the newspaper reported.