The family of Bryan Stow has sued the Los Angeles Dodgers and Frank McCourt, alleging that cutbacks and mismanagement contributed into the brutal assault of Stow, a Giants fan and father of two, on opening day outside of Dodgers stadium.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that cutbacks increased starting in 2009 due to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt's financial mismanagement and family woes.

McCourt is currently in divorce proceedings with his estranged wife Jamie McCourt.  Ownership of the team is at stake and Bud Selig, MLB commissioner, has begun to intervene in Dodgers' day to day operation.

The lawsuit also alleges that McCourt's myriad of companies were used to fund McCourts' lavish lifestyle while depleting the Dodgers of necessary funds to operate adequately and properly.

This led to a disturbing reduction in security staff for Dodgers games, the lawsuit goes on to say.

In conclusion, Stows' lawyers contend McCourt and his entities held the ultimate responsibility for funding and implementation of security procedures and implementation.

The Dodgers have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

On Sunday, one of the two suspects in the case was apprehended by the police.  Giovanni Ramirez, a 31 year old with 3 prior convictions, is being held on a $1 million bail.