Star of reality show, “Buckwild,” Salwa Amin is facing felony drug charges after being arrested early Monday morning in West Virginia.

Amin was charged with two counts of drug possession with intent to deliver, one count for oxycodone and the other for heroin, according to TMZ. She is currently being held on $200,000 bond at Central Regional Jail.

According to the gossip website, Salwa along with two men, Shawn L. Booker and Jason D. Jones, were arrested at a home in Summersville, West Virginia.

The Summersville Police Chief told TMZ that the arrests were made after police received a tip from an informant detailing that a "shipment" would be delivered to the home sometime Sunday.

Police then performed “an extensive day of surveillance,” on the location, where they “observed a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of the house,” from people that stayed for very brief periods of time.

After obtaining a search warrant, the raid was launched during which Salwa, Booker and Jones was discovered hiding in a shed behind the house, according to the Police Chief.

Salwa was reportedly found with oxycodone pills and heroin on her person, while Booker was found to have had a “large amount of money.”

According to Jail Administrative Sgt. Rick Drake, Amin does not want to talk to the media. MTV spokeswoman Candice Ashton says the network has no comment.

It is also unclear whether Amin has legal representation at this time.

According to the Associated Press, MTV announced last week that “Buckwild” will be picked up for a second season. The show has received criticism for what some see as a negative portrayal of West Virginian youth.