One company investors are starting to notice is Budget Center Inc. An up-and-coming company, Budget Center Inc. is getting attention with the development of their “budget” category domain network in the online travel and related industries.

As of 11:10 am, Budget has soared to $0.17, which is monumental for investors considering the company has a 52-week low of $0.01. As for the volume being traded, the number has more than tripled the daily average despite being only a couple hours into trading. Thus far, Budget Center has traded 411,315 shares.

Last week, Budget Center announced that they entered into an agreement with Connections CLTS, the preferred provider of San Francisco-based EzRez Software Inc., to develop its URL owned Budget also has a host of other domain names that consumers across the globe will soon become familiar with. Such domain names include:,, and the famed

One of the main reasons for the popularity and growth of Budget Center Inc. is the fact that the young company currently ranks #1 on Google search for its travel site The website has grown into a leader in this field because of the variety and affordability provided to consumers.

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