Budget Center is focused on delivering great value to their guests. Utilizing its websites, the company will offer a balance of good, better and best products providing travel options for every budget. When shopping at any of Budget’s URLs, visitors will discover they retain quality and receive value at budget prices.

The primary domains to be developed by Budget include: budgethotels.com, budgetresorts.com, budgetadventures.com, budget-cruise.com, budgetairlines.com, budgetravel.com, budgetcenter.com, budgetfishing.com, budgetentertainment.com, budgetskiing.com, budgetcharters.com, and budgetinteractive.com

Budget aims to grow profitably by catering to its ever growing target market – budget category consumers worldwide. It is believed that under the current economic conditions, which are projected to last for the foreseeable future, budget brands in general will experience a significant increase in value.

Furthermore, the growing online travel market is projected to reach $140 billion by 2010. While the company recognizes that this market will likely be adversely impacted by the current economic conditions, it also believes that businesses offering budget services stand to benefit from these same conditions.

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