Budget Center Inc. today announced plans to implement a “Budget” brand group of online portals to capitalize on the growing number of consumers interested in maximizing their airline dollar.

Last year in late Dec. of 09, Budget Center launched the heavily-trafficked and end-user-beloved Budgethotels.com, which is successfully generating continuous revenue with a 45% conversion rate, exceeding the industry average by an impressive 35%.

Through tight-knit development with the Company’s IT partners, The Wendling Group LLC (TWG) and Hotels Combined (HC), Budget Center has produced a feature-rich, content-based online venue which satisfies and maintains customer loyalty by enhancing the already outstanding savings functionality.

Leaning into the strength of such a powerful and attractive tool set for the thrifty travel consumer, Budget Center anticipates the debut of Budgetresorts.com by the end of Jan. 2010. The Company will collaborate with the largest US provider of loyalty-program travel solutions (and preferred provider of San Francisco-based EzRez Software Inc.), Minneapolis, MN-based Connexions CLTS.

Budgetresorts.com is projected to be the largest online “budget” service provider via its massive inventory of content that will be available to users.

Additionally Budget Center is entering into a joint venture/marketing agreement to launch Budgetskiing.com with former world freestyle champion Lauralee Bowie’s company, Lauralee Bowie Ski Adventures, which is ideally located in the very city that will host the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics.

Working closely with partners in the airline industry, BDGN is going through negotiations to bring the same powerhouse framework of savings to online customers with the most comprehensive discount airline travel portal on the net, Budgetairlines.com.

President and CEO of Budget Center Bob Chalmers surveyed the digital landscape and noted the prominence of the Company’s presence through the “budget” brand and websites, saying that the plan was to take even more territory by “developing and launching all 12 of our budget URL’s”.

Chalmers anticipates “impressive revenue growth”, and pointed out the very attractive booking commissions and industry-leading conversion rates as evidence that the business plan (of “targeting the price conscious” or budget online travel consumer) was a win-win solution.

With a #1 Google search pointing to Budgethotels.com, and sector forecasts from entities like the renowned TravelMote suggesting that “consumers are expected to embrace thrift for the long term”, the likelihood of solid future returns makes Budgethotels an appealing candidate for potential investors.