International Development & Environmental Holdings is an emerging leader in parking management and truck leasing in the New York City metropolitan area. The company’s goal is to maximize the potential of extremely limited parking space in New York City. Among the services it provides is a complete analysis of parking properties and then developing a business plan to improve both service and revenues.

On December 13th, the company announced it had executed an agreement to acquire a Budget truck rental dealership from Heights Management 176 LLC. Scott Lieberman, chairman and director of International Development & Environmental Holdings (IDEH), is the sole owner of Heights Management 176 LLC.

There is no assurance as to if or when the deal will be consummated. Closing the acquisition is subject to several conditions. These include the consent to the transaction by Budget, an independent appraisal of the value of the dealership and a due diligence review. If the deal does go through, the purchase price will be based upon an independent third-party appraisal.

According to Mr. Lieberman, “The timing of this acquisition could not be more fortuitous.” He went on, “The rental truck services and leasing industry is beginning its turnaround and IDEH will be the beneficiary of the market revival.”

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