BWI Holdings Inc., operating as Budget Waste Inc., is a waste solution company in western Canada. The company provides solid waste services, hydrovac truck services, and oilfield waste services.

Budget Waste was recently rewarded a Certificate of Recognition to acknowledge its compliance with health and safety standards established by the Alberta Ministry of Employment and Immigration. The company was granted the certificate after a two-year comprehensive evaluation by an independent external auditor.

Companies with this certification are responsible organizations that place a high value on safety and that must pass an annual audit. Budget Waste has a health and safety management safety process in place to minimize the incidence of injury and illness to workers involved in company operations. This is accomplished through identifying, assessing and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations.

President and CEO of Budget Waste, Jim Can, said, “At Budget Waste Incorporated, we value safety as a cornerstone of our operations. We are positioning our organization to lead the waste industry in safety, service, environmental stewardship, and diversity.”

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