CBS has picked a Sara Michelle Gellar drama pilot called Ringer. It is one of the first few to get a greenlight from CBS this season. The project hails from ABC Studios, CBS TV Studios and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

Ringer is about a young woman who is on the run from the mob and to avoid being caught, impersonates her twin sister who leads an apparently settled wealthy life. Written by Eric Carmelo and Nicole Snyde, the twist in the narrative is that the sister is also in trouble.

Gellar, who is a producer on the show along with Peter Traugott of Brillstein, has been in high demand on TV since the end of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer in 2003. She became widely known after appearing as Buffy Summers on the series for which she won six teen Choice awards and a Golden Globe award nomination.

She did a pilot for HBO titled The Wonderful Maladys, which apparently did not take off. Her most noticeable film roles include I Know What Youd Did Last Summer, Cruel Intention, Scooby Doo and Veronika Decides to Die.

Gellar also sang several of the songs for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode 'Once More, with Feeling'.

Buffy, actually should be credited for the ongoing craze for everything related to vampires and slayers.  The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series fans had been broken into the genre by the series.

Gellar is married to Freddie Prinze, Jr and has an year-old daughter.