width=106The baby buggy manufacturer Maclaren has agreed to compensate more than 40 British children who suffered injuries from the use of their buggies.

In 2009, Maclaren recalled one million buggies in the US following reports of children seriously injured after their fingers get caught in the hinges of its folding pushchairs.

Legal firm Russell Jones & Walker said that, although the company refused to admit liability, the firm and its insurers had agreed to make full damages. The individual amounts will be dependent on the severity of the injuries and will be invested until the children reach the age of 18.

The children were aged between one and eight when they suffered the injuries, with some cases dating as far as 2003. Many needed surgery after losing part of their finger when the buggy was erected, while others fractured bones or suffered deep lacerations.

A Maclaren spokeswoman said the company would look into each case individually.