CURRENCIES: 06/02/09 Higher closes Monday for the Canadian dollar, British Pound, Aussie dollar, Euro Fx while lower for the Swiss franc, Japanese yenand dollar index. New recent highs and closes for the euro, Canadian and Aussie dollar along with the British Pound again while a new recent high for the franc before settling lower. All of these currencies continue to be in strong uptrends. The yen sold off and settled sharply lower which is more the norm when the other currencies are in bull markets. While the yen is still in an uptrend while also lagging far behind the other currencies, it now is starting to act like it will turn back down unless it can close over 106 basis the June contract. The dollar, conversely, made a new contract low and close which is really no surprise considering. I am maintaining Buy Signals on the Euro, Swiss, Canadian, Aussie, Yen and Pound. Please feel free to contact me for details.

FINANCIALS: 06/02/09 Lower to sharply lowercloses yesterday for the eurodollars, bonds and notes but no changes technically.The eurodollar has little support down to the 9900 area basis the September contract at this time but the trend is still higher. The notes made a new recent low and close while the bonds had a new recent low close as their downtrends continue.I hold Sell Signals for Bonds and Notes.

ENERGIES: 06/02 /09 June 1 st saw Higher to sharply higher closes for crude and heating oil along with the roboband natural gas. All of the energies continue to look higher overall with the exception of natural gas but now gas is attempting to form a large bottoming reversal formation. The crude, heat and rbob all made new recent highs and closes once again.

GRAINS: 06/02 /09 New recent highs and closes for Minneapolis , Kansas City and Chicago wheat along with soybeans, soymeal, soyoil, oats, rough rice and corn. You don't see that happening very often but, obviously, at this time all of the grains are in uptrends--end of story! Buy Signals for all of the grains except rough rice. Feel free to call me to discuss.