The original “Warcraft” movie script, which never made it to production, had a scene showing a bumbling character who gets killed for being too eager to fight, according to Garry Whitta, who had previously worked on a script of a “Warcraft” movie. On Tuesday, the writer shared a post on his official Twitter account, which confirms that a character based on Leeroy Jenkins was in the script.

The character is based on the real life gamer who caused his team's loss in the MMO game by rushing to the battle too quickly. Fans of the franchise who have played the game may have heard of Leeroy Jenkins. The gamer was so impatient about getting into the battle that he left without his teammates while they were discussing their battle plans to defeat the enemy. The video of the game was posted on YouTube, showing how the team members lost because of one player.

In the video, just as the players were working out the strategy, a player got impatient and said, “All right, times up. Let’s do this.” He later rushed into the battle with a battle cry “Leeroy Jenkins,” while his shocked teammates stood still for a second before following him. “Oh my god, he just ran in,” one of the other players said. All players’ toons in the game died towards the end and everyone had some unkind words to say about Jenkins.

Losing one battle may not appear to be a big deal to readers who have not played the game. However, as one of the fans pointed out in the comments section of the video, getting to the final stage of the battle means having invested hours of gameplay, and losing at this juncture can be quite frustrating.

The “Warcraft” movie script also had a scene where an impatient soldier called Jenkins was getting impatient to get into battle. The character was standing safely behind a brigade of dwarf riflemen. However, when he noticed a “Theramore guard” clash with an Orc, he breaks ranks and rushes to fight the Orc. Private Jenkins, of course, dies at the hands of the Orc.

Private Jenkins may not be seen in the “Warcraft” movie that is currently in production. The script of the upcoming movie has been written by Duncan Jones, Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen. The movie is slated to be released in June 2016.

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