Time and convenience are of great importance when it comes to exercising on the road. Stay fit while dealing with the demands of time consuming business travel.

The simple act of traveling - lack of sleep, dehydrating flights, extended time behind the wheel - can leave even the avid exerciser exhausted. When combined with a packed schedule, staying attentive in meetings or giving a stellar presentation, there is little time or energy left to concentrate on fitness when on the road.

Business travelers face unique challenges for staying fit while away. In addition, fitting in daily physical activity becomes increasingly important. It is needed for energy to tackle a busy schedule and to maintain weight when calories are increased due to eating out and the consumption of high-calorie convenience foods.

It is not impossible to stay fit and healthy while traveling. The key is to choose wisely and seek out methods that are convenient for fitting in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

Choose a Hotel Wisely

When it comes to traveling for business, employees do not always have a say in where they will stay. However, if the opportunity exists to speak up on lodging take advantage of it.

Today, even less expensive hotels have some type of fitness center. While it may not be state-of-the-art in design and equipment it can provide the space to do some simple strength training moves.

In addition, many hotel chains now offer fitness programs with equipment that can be checked out for use in the hotel room. There is no need to slip on workout clothes and head to the gym. Early morning and late night workouts can be done in the convenience of the room in pajamas.

Marriott hotels offer the Fit For You(SM) program. Guests can choose from a variety of videos and equipment for a convenient in-room workout. In addition, some Hilton Garden Inns provide the Stay Fit Kit® that contains equipment for in-room yoga and Pilates.

Travel with an Exercise Tube

Exercise tubes and bands are inexpensive, light weight and can be stuffed into any size luggage. These convenient strength training tools provide resistance for a range of exercises that target the whole body.

Chest presses, bicep curls and shoulder presses are just a few of things the tube or band can be used for to strengthen the upper body. Tie it around the ankles and step from side to side to target the inner and outer thighs. Stand on the band, holding an end in each hand while performing squats to add resistance.

Alternate tube or band exercises with a few minutes of marching or jogging in place, or jumping jacks. This will assist in raising the heart rate to improve cardiovascular health while the band exercises promote muscle strength and endurance.

Create the Time

A busy conference schedule or business meeting leaves little time for a workout. While schedules may not allow for a heart-pumping, vigorous session, evaluate breaks in the day where short spurts of activity can be accomplished. Get up 10 minutes early for some exercises with the tube. Use 15 minutes of a lunch break to walk the stairs of the hotel.

Consider skipping the after-session happy hour. However, there is no need to sacrifice socializing. Invite a coworker to meet while walking around the premises of the hotel. If the weather is not cooperative, invite her to meet at the gym and discuss necessary agenda items while walking on treadmills next to each other. With a little creativity business, pleasure and physical activity can all fit into a busy travel schedule.

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