Bringing the kids along on business trips? I've collected some articles to help business travelers taking children along for those working vacations.

Sometimes I bring the whole family along on business trips. In my case, the whole family means my wife and the dogs. I can't personally imagine taking a crew of kids along when I'm trying to work and maybe relax a little.

But I have seen it done. People do plan working vacations, quite frequently.

Since I'm not the expert in traveling with kids, I'll have to defer most often to Kelby Carr's Family Travel section at Suite101.

Here are my top picks from in and around:

  • Flying With Baby This sounds like a nightmare, a business trip with an infant. But sometimes it might be unavoidable. Here are some tips if you must fly with your baby.
  • Family Road Trip Packing Good tips for both kids and adults for getting your piles of travel clothes and stuff down to a more modest haul of luggage.
  • Getting Kids Ready to Go Let the children get involved in planning your business trips.
  • Healthy kid Travel Snacks The secret to getting some peace from incessant questions is probably plying your kids with food. Make sure their travel treats are also healthy. Adults can snack on these tasty foods too.
  • Avoid Jet Lag in Children If your kids aren't cranky from jet lag, everyone benefits. You might even use some of these tips on yourself.
  • Electronic Gadgets: Savior or TroubleMaker? How a few little toys can make your travels more peaceful for parents (as well as innocent bystanders).
  • The Old Standby: Word Games Maybe you are a little behind the curve on aquiring your child's traveling electronic arsenal. Word games are good too, plus you can get in some interactive time with the kids.
  • Kids and Museum Gift Shops Getting a little culture on the side? If you bring kids to museums, make sure you bribe their good behaviour with a timely visit to the gift shop! :-)
  • Child Sleep Travel Tips Help your little angels get a good night's sleep on those boring business trips. Maybe you can even hop on your laptop in the hotel while they sleep. YEAH! Oops, I mean shhhhh: yeah.

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