Deciding when, how, and where to invest isn’t easy. If it were, more people would do it and everyone would be rich. Investing is tricky and there’s an amount of risk that goes into investing whether it’s stocks, gold, or a budding company.  

When it comes to gold, anything could happen. Many analysts are confident that this is the end for gold. For others like Paul Schatz, the president of Heritage Capital, well he still thinks gold has a little fight left in it. In a note to clients he wrote, “I do not believe there is enough evidence at this time to conclude that the secular bull market in gold has ended.” In fact he thinks people are too negative when it comes to gold prices. His advice? “If you give it a little room I think the next big move in gold is to the upside.”  

Buying, keeping, and selling stock is a private matter. People like Schatz can give you suggestions, but you ultimately must make the decision. With such a volatile market, chances are we’ll see prices ebb and flow before leveling out. But if you expect it to happen overnight, it just won’t happen.

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