The advent of the World Wide Web, or more
popularly known as the Internet, has opened up opportunities unheard of
before for both buyers and sellers. Never has the word global market
meant exactly what it was supposed to be as the Internet literally
cracked opened the world boundaries of every state on earth and in the
process making everyone a potential buyer and seller.

Starting with the ubiquitous text messaging, the Internet is now
growing by leaps and bounds were data uploading and downloading is
almost a second nature. Buyers using this platform to sell their items
are limited only in the most physical sense of marketing the product
and even the stated restriction might not apply, with techno-geeks
coming out with torrents of application which even enables very
accurate 3-dimension rendering possible.

One sector which has yet to embrace wholly the Internet is the auto
industry. At least not in a big way, although car makers all around the
world are starting to tap into the huge potentials provided by the
virtual reality as a marketing tool. Selling a car is a slightly
trickier proposition as opposed to, say, selling books and magazine on
line to faceless customers armed with only an internet connection and a
credit card account.

There are of course portals which pioneers the way forward, hoping
to tap into the global auto enthusiasts market as did for
literature fan and lovers did. Among others is eBay Motors from the
well-know barter trade online expert who started a site enabling users
all over the world to post their items to trade - either for cash or
other items.

Trying to achieve the same level of success in marketing of
automobiles, however, has not been able tom achieved the same level of
success with several constraints, the biggest of which the car buyers
need to be up close and personal to the car of their choice. This is
true even for the latest model. An online portal may just introduce the
new model to the public, but there is simply no other substitute for
them but to flock the showroom to see the actual car.

The one sector of the automobile which has found its niche in the
new marketing tool, however, is the second hand market. Used cars sale
techniques are normally the same all over the world, that is, potential
buyers would have to search around for a particular model selling at a
particular price which is agreeable to them. This is where the
Internet's vast reach has been able to make a breakthrough.

Used car sellers now have the luxury of posting their used autos
online instead of waiting for a potential customer to show up at their
sites. The American affinity towards certain legendary models such as
the Mustang or the Ford GT40, to name just two of the many superb
models that had been produced by the number of car makes in the States,
means that there is a market worth tapping.

Car enthusiasts looking for a specific model could simply tap into
the vast online network to find the exact dream car, right down to the
year of make, the engine displacement, how many miles it had gone
through and, with some luck, complete with a picture of how it looks
like. Ebay motors, for example, incorporate all these specifics in its
portal, enabling potential customers to choose from a list of sellers
all throughout the United States.

Of course, there is no telling if the auto on sale is actually what
is represented on the computer screen, but once customers find what
they are looking for, it is the a matter of proceeding to the showroom
to view the actual car. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a car in
the flesh; being able to run our fingers through its flank, trying out
its seats and imagining how it would drive even prior to turning the
keys where a drive test is given, this would be the point of sale,
which came courtesy of the internet.

The list of models available in the market could be quite
extensive, from American car makers Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge,
Ford, GMC and Mercury to Japanese makes Honda, Isuzu, Mazda,
Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, or European makes, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi
and Mercedes Benz, all of which has been around for quite some time,
and offering a vast range of automobiles from vintage to the latest,
fuel sipping hybrids.

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