Luxury Jewelry: For over 100 years, Bvlgari has been setting the standard for luxury jewelry and the new collection from the celebrated house is no exception.

Bvlgari jewelry is characterized by bold designs that utilize brilliant colored gemstones and heavy metal links and the new collection builds on that tradition.

The new collection has a strong focus on flowers. The bulk of the line is presented in extravagant, wide white gold settings brilliantly bejeweled with jewels of various sizes, often culminating in one especially large pendant stone.

A diamond necklace uses pear shape and brilliant cut diamonds in an 18k white gold setting to create a bold yet feminine collar. Another choice piece uses small colorful stones to create a garland of garden delights in colors as brilliant as nature.

Fancy shape cabochon cut sapphires also make a recurring appearance in the collection, set amid a sea of diamonds to help the brilliant blue color stand out. The sapphires are often accompanied by rubies and even emeralds, as in the stand out pearl necklace. Large pearls hold a jeweled drop of pink and blue sapphires with a teardrop emerald.

A standout ring from the collection features a spray of diamonds encircling a large central oval cut diamond on a white gold ring enhanced with tiny diamonds around the band.

In it's new collection, Bvlgari has remained true to its roots, while branching off into fashion's latest inspiration, the garden.

For LxM Carly Zinderman

Luxury Fashion Insider