BWI Holdings Inc. does business under the name of Budget Waste Inc. The company provides complete waste and recycling services to commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding, oilfield and residential clients. Budget Waste operates primarily, but not exclusively, in Alberta, Canada.

The company operates in four business segments: solid wastes, liquid services, water hauling and septic services. Budget Waste uses approximately 2,500 containers of various sizes and purposes and approximately 120 trucks to conduct their business throughout the province of Alberta.

The company’s revenue consists primarily of fees charged to customers for solid and liquid waste collection, landfill disposal and recycling services. Budget Waste services to commercial customers are generally performed under service agreements or pursuant to contracts with municipalities. The company’s contracts with commercial customers typically allow Budget Waste to pass on increased costs resulting from variable items such as disposal and fuel costs and surcharges.

Fees charged by Budget Waste are based on a variety of factors including: collection frequency, level of service, route density, the type, volume and weight of the waste collected, type of equipment and containers furnished, the distance to the disposal site, and competitor prices for similar services. The company’s strategy is to expand both existing services and add related services throughout North America.

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