You could say that BWI Holdings, Inc. is really into garbage. But the growing waste solutions company based in Alberta, Canada now goes well beyond standard residential trash handling. BWI has managed to firmly establish itself in a full range of related waste handling and recycling operations, serving commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding, and even the oil field industry. They also provide special support to the construction industry, in the form of things like fence and sanitary facility rentals, as well as hydrovac site cleanup and water hauling.

In order to manage its diverse operations, BWI has divided itself into four business segments:

• Solid Waste
• Liquid Services
• Water Hauling
• Septic Services

BWI’s source of revenue is based upon customer fees for waste collection, landfill disposal, and recycling. The company’s activities cover operations in Calgary, Edmonton, and the smaller Alberta communities of Edson and Red Deer. Services to commercial customers are usually under service agreements or municipal contracts. The commercial contracts allow BWI to pass on increased operational costs, providing increased income stability.

Growing pressures from governments to clean up the environment, forcing companies to be more vigilant about how they handle waste, has helped BWI with its full service waste processing operations. The company works closely with developers, owners, contractors, and builders to meet requirements through carefully designed recycling programs. BWI currently recycles wood, cardboard, mixed plastic, scrap metal, drywall, and paint.

In addition, BWI now offers state of the art hydrovac services, allowing them to collect and process mixed waste where debris is integrated with dirt and other materials. It requires specially designed equipment and highly trained operators, but gives the company one more edge in the marketplace.

It’s all part of a diversification strategy that BWI believes will allow it to grow well into the next decade.

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