BWI Holdings Inc. operates as Budget Waste Inc. to provide waste solutions and recycling services for commercial and residential clients in Western Canada. The company’s array of offerings enables it to serve commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding, oilfield and other clients.

The company recently announced a one-year agreement with Rohit Communities, in which Budget Waste will provide waste removal, wood recycling, temporary fencing and portable toilets throughout construction efforts. At the time of the release, Rohit maintained seven multi-family projects, as well as one duplex project, creating various opportunities for Budget Waste’s services.

The company will work closely with Rohit to determine its waste needs and ensure proper maintenance on the construction sites. Budget Waste promotes environmental responsibility and participates in several programs, such as L.E.E.D.S, Built Green Alberta and Go Green, to execute proper waste disposal services.

The year-long exclusive agreement marks significant business for BWI as Rohit anticipates three more projects in the upcoming year. Rohit is part of the Rohit Group of Companies, a residential dwelling construction company that has been developing neighborhoods for more than 20 years. Rohit develops single family homes, bungalow and two-storey duplexes, townhomes and apartment condos.

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