BWI Holdings, Inc., the growing commercial and industrial waste collection and processing enterprise based in Calgary, Alberta, has high aspirations: to be the #1 waste solution partner in North America. With increasing government pressure on companies to pay attention to how they dispose of trash and waste, BWI, with its multi-faceted collection and recycling solutions, is positioning itself on top of a booming market.

To get where it wants to go, the company depends on a dedicated and aggressive management team that has accumulated a wide range of commercial and industrial experience.

• Jim Can, President & CEO – Jim Can came to BWI in 2004 with a background as an accomplished strategist and marketer, together with an MBA and a vision of what the company could ultimately become. He has led BWI’s growth in contracts with a seldom found combination of operational knowledge and creativity. His strategic approach focuses on selective acquisitions, based upon a solid understanding of both U.S. and Canadian tax and securities law obtained partly while working with Carswell Thompson Professional Publishing Corporation. He has been involved with the financial restructuring of numerous companies, in the form of reverse takeovers, private financing, and through taking companies public.

• Branislov Jovanovic, COO - Branislov Jovanovic has served as BWI director since 2004, being appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2008. His dedication and ability in finding efficient and effective management solutions to company challenges comes in part from his earlier role as Total Quality Management Leader at a major hotel which was exploring and implementing waste and recycling solutions.

• Bruce Milroy, CFO, Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Consultant – Bruce Milroy brings extensive education and experience to the financial side of BWI. He has a Civil Engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA from the University of British Columbia, along with over 18 years in public accounting and auditing in a variety of economic sectors, including both U.S. and Canadian reporting companies.

• Danny McEachren, VP of External Operations – Known for his commitment to customer service, Danny McEachren came to BWI in 2006, and was promoted to V.P. of External Operations in 2008. In addition to his automotive business experience, he brought with him an intense sense of competitive achievement. Danny was an active member of the Alberta Ski Team when he was younger, going on to become a member of the Canadian National Junior Ski Team. He was the GMC Cup Champion in 2000.

• Michele Patrosh, VP of Internal Operations – One of the former partners of AllWaste Systems Ltd., Michele Patrosh has been actively involved in construction waste and recycling for over 15 years. She is a founding member of Built Green Alberta and was instrumental in the success of a recycling pilot project. Michele works diligently to establish environmentally sustainable waste and recycling strategies for customers, and to ensure quality of service to all customers.

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