Leading provider of waste and recycling services BWI Holdings, Inc., operating as Budget Waste Inc., recently announced that Hopewell Residential Communities Inc., a major residential developer in Alberta, has elected to continue the second year of a ten-year contract.

Based on the excellent service provided by Budget Waste Inc, Hopewell Residential Communities Inc. slated BWI to serve as the exclusive supplier of waste bins and sorting for recycling in the Mahogany community.

Mahogany consists of approximately 8,000 single and multi-family homes within the City of Calgary. Budget’s recycling contract for Mahogany has an estimated contract value of $11,200,000.00. The terms and conditions of the contract, and Budget’s performance, are reviewed yearly each November.

Budget Waste also has provided waste, sorting, and recycling services for over 6 years at Copperfield, another Hopewell Residential Communities Inc. project in the Calgary area.

Hopewell has been recognized by the Calgary Region Home Builders Association five times as Developer of the Year for their distinctive, award-winning communities in the Province of Alberta.

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