BWI Holdings Inc. (BWIH.OB), operating as Budget Waste Inc., recently announced the renewal of its contract with the Town of Chestermere. Per the contract, BWI will provide weekly curbside refuse pickup services to about 5,000 homes for the next five years.

While a lot of companies are fighting Chapter 11 and announcing cutbacks, BWI seems to be holding its own. According to the press release, the contract measures up to about $500,000 per year, or $2.5 million in five years.

“We are extremely pleased to be of service to the Town of Chestermere and provide residential curbside pickup for the next five years,” Danny McEachren, vice president of External Operations of BWI stated in the release.

BWI offers its waste solutions to commercial, industrial, construction, home building, oilfield and residential clients throughout Western Canada.

Part of the company’s appeal is its broad range of services, as well as its competitive pricing and streamlined billing process.

Even in the middle of a recession, the company maintains its strategy of growth through acquisition, and continues to adapt to changing waste disposal regulations.

“With regulations throughout North America pressing companies and individuals to be more vigilant in the way they handle their waste products, we see vast opportunities for expanding our distinctive services. We are confident that extraordinary growth and focus on customer needs will bring our stockholders outstanding value for the confidence they have placed in BWI,” the company states.

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