BWI Holdings, Inc. is growing in a critical part of the green movement that few people talk about or even consider. While most environmental attention remains focused on electric cars, solar cells, and windmills, this Canadian company has found success in the most unglamorous niche of all, garbage. Though still serving a relatively small population of businesses and residents, primarily in Alberta, BWI has set its sights on becoming the ultimate waste disposal and support enterprise. The company operates in four business segments: solid waste, liquid services, water hauling, and septic services.

Increasingly stringent government regulations require companies and individuals to be more vigilant in their handling of waste products, and this has opened up a huge opportunity for a full service waste processing operation like BWI. The company continues its growth-through-acquisition strategy with exceptional success, and now offers complete waste and recycling services to commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding, oilfield, and residential clients. They also support construction operations with fence rentals, sanitary facility rentals, bin rentals, and water hauling.

In addition, the company now offers state of the art hydro vac services, using specially designed equipment and highly trained operators, to pick up and process problematic mixed waste where debris is integrated with dirt and other materials. The advanced system combines high pressure water and vacuum power to create intense streams, breaking up ground, excavating, and sucking up the resulting slurry.

BWI also has an extensive recycling program, working with developers, owners, contractors, and builders, to meet waste diversion and minimization goals. They currently recycle wood, cardboard, mixed plastics, scrap metal, drywall, and even paint.

One of the advantages the company has is the way it has lined up its commercial contracts. They allow BWI to pass along, with some limitations, increased costs due to variable items, such as disposal and fuel costs, as well as surcharges. It’s another example of the careful steps BWI Holdings continues to take to turn trash into cash.

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