California has a record unemployment rate of 11.2 percent, following a rise in March rising from 10.6 percent a month earlier.

According to analyst predictions, job losses across the U.S.’ most populated state is expected to increase through much of this year.

This is the worst recession since the Great Depression and it's not over, economist Steve Levy said on Friday shortly after the state released its March unemployment report.

With the national unemployment rate standing at 8.5 percent, 11.2 percent for California is way higher than this number.

California's unemployment rate last month also rose significantly from a revised 10.6 percent in the prior month and 6.4 percent a year earlier as job losses spread across most of the state's industries, Levy said.

Another three states are ranked above California in unemployment; Michigan 12.6 percent, Oregon 12.1 percent and South Carolina with 11.4 percent according to Bureau of labor statistics.